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Team MVP was created when we recognized the need for amazing bridal hair and makeup at affordable rates. When we began in 2010, we had the mindset that foreign stylists were what our clients were looking for and preferred, underestimating the local talent.

It wasn’t until we met our amazing manager Areli that we changed our perspective and started training her to ensure she understood what our brides need. Areli helped us train other stylists to the high level of standards that we had set and we realized the importance of giving local stylists the opportunity to shine. We then built an amazing team that has been with us ever since. 

The local stylists that work for us are passionate, caring, friendly, accommodating and are always geared toward great service. We found a way to serve brides outside of the resort in beautiful locations to avoid paying expensive vendor fees.

 We provide a spacious, well lit, private and comfortable place where brides can have a better experience, to be pampered and spoiled without interruptions from staff or guests making it a more enjoyable and relaxed experience. 

Doing this makes it possible for us to save our brides, on average, $600 USD in vendor fees. And if that wasn’t enough we are so confident about the fabulous work we do what we offer a money back guarantee! If you are not happy with your hair and makeup we will issue a refund!

Please let us know your questions or concerns, there are no questions too big or too small , we believe that an informed bride is a happy bride. Let us take care of you and make you look amazing on your big day and events leading up to it.

Team MVP

Our Awesome Team

Meet Our Expert Stylists

Hair and Makeup

Areli Jimenez

“I’ve been working for 15 years in the industry, I am passionate about makeup, I love when a bride looks beautiful and happy its almost like I created magic.  It is an incredible thing to experience the look on their face and emotion they feel when looking at the mirror it’s what makes me love my job.  So much so after I learned makeup I picked up hair and omg I can’t explain the feeling when I am able to create something beautiful like a piece of art.”

Hair and Makeup

Paola Martinez

“Hi! I’m a professional  make-up artist – at your service. I have always been passionate about art and one of the most exquisite expressions of art -makeup.  I consider myself a true artist and every face is an empty canvas where I can design and create.  I love to understand what a woman wants and share my input from my trained eye subsequently achieving huge satisfaction for both!!!”

Hair and Makeup

Mayela Mata

“Professional stylist and makeup specialist.  I focus on social events and weddings.  I adore my job because meeting new woman with different ideas and providing a service that they will like is a wonderful way to grow as a persona. Of Course every woman is different and represents a new way to do my art matching them both (hair and makeup) is something I love doing and it makes me feel that I am contributing something to this world.”

Hair and Makeup

Alexis Osorio

“I am a professional makeup artist for over 10 years.  I love makeup because it can accentuate beautiful features that we as woman have and hide some skin issues that we are all prone to have.  Been able to use a brush and create incredible looks for different occasions is fascinating.  I hope woman realize that we are all beautiful and with a little touch of my magic we can be even more beautiful.”

Hair and Makeup

Diana Ortega

“Hola!!!  I love doing hair.  It represents peace for me.  When I do hair for someone else I get lost with the shapes and textures I immerse myself and look for perfection always!  When I come out of my trance lol all I look for is that big smile when a woman looks amazing and proud.  Empowering woman excites me.”

Leslie Trujillo

“I have been in the industry for 15 years also. I started doing hair and then learned to do makeup.  The idea that you can play with styles to look different and match different outfits to different hair styles and makeup, the fact that every face and head are different to do my art represents a challenge everytime and I love it.”


Claudia Hernandez

“Being doing hair for 13 years. I am passionate about the textures I can give and manipulate hair.  It’s a creation of something completely different than what it was. Doing hair is my passion and seeing my customers satisfaction is what I strive for.”

Hair and Makeup

Cinthia Guan

“Since I was a little girl I loved doing hairdos on my dolls.  When I grew up I studied and took many courses to perfection my art.  I am so happy that I can do this for a living. Creating hairstyles is a passion I have since I was a kid.

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